Where is the Money?

Generate insights into your spending habit in just 4 steps

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4 Simple Steps to get started

Where is the money helps you track spending in just 4 easy steps. 

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    Step 1: Learn to assign categories
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    Step 2: Input transactions
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    Step 3: Set limits
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    Step 4: Get insights

What to Expect?

Pre-order now to get a customized expense tracker and an e-book that will help you get started on managing your money better.

It helps you track your money and find out what more can you do to manage it better.

Every tab can be customized based on categories you want to track and limits you want to set. 

  • Expense Detail
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  • Input Data
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  • Insights Dashboard
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  • Where is the Money App

    Where is the money app is highly customizable and personalized and can be tailored to your context. 

    Derive insights based on frequency, categories or sub-categories. 

  • E-Book

    An app that has a companion in the form of an e-book will help you get started immediately.

  • Testimonials

    What users love about this app?

    "I want to know if I am handling my finances properly. Till now there was no way to find out what I'm doing wrong. The solutions I have tried are so complex and I have been looking for something like this for the past 4 years. This is really good as is so simple to use."


    "This app is really helpful. If I had this earlier, I would have saved more. This is great, I like it a lot. It is simple and customizable."


    "This is cool. I used to track on excel. I can now use my phone to track expenses and I like it because it can be customized to suit my needs."


    "I love this idea. It is all curated and you create your own categories, provide you specific insights on how do you manage your finances better. This app will be my friend for life. "

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